Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lab D- Disc Golf


In lab D I feel like I did pretty good. I definitely feel like this was my best lesson so far, even though I forgot my instant activity! Other than missing my instant activity I think I did really well on the C9 form. This was my first time filling out a C9 form so somethings were a little unclear but after filling it out I feel like I did a pretty good job. I know things will go wrong and sometimes you'll forget somethings you had planned so I wasn't really nervous about forgetting it. I felt the most prepared I have felt so far for this lesson. I'm not sure if I felt more prepared because I felt comfortable in front of the class now or if it was because I turned my lesson plan in early and got to know it in and out so I was ready to give my lesson. I wasn't worried about how things were going so I could concentrate more on giving students feedback which is sometimes hard when you are trying to keep up yourself with the lesson. During this lesson I felt like I wasn't getting flustered because I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to teach it, filling out my activity progression sheet helped things go smoothly. When I fill out my Time Coding form it gives myself feedback on how I should manage my time better, whether I am doing too much instruction and not enough activity time or whatever it is. I was nervous to have to teach for twenty five minutes but it wasn't bad at all. I taught my lesson outside so it was nice to have to freedom to let loose with your Frisbee rather than being restricted in the tight gym space. Being outside gave the students a more realistic feel for how Disc Golf is really played. Now that I am done with lab D I can kind of breathe easy for one second. The content development gave me a hard time and I worked on it for a while but I tried my best