Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feedback analysis side jump lesson

My feedback analysis was a little confusing to do. I was unsure of how to exactly fill out the form. I could've gave more of my students feedback. It was difficult to know who I was giving feedback to because I wasn't getting video taped. I told someone good job but I didn't know who it was because I didn't say a name and it was just over the microphone. I'm sure I'll get better at analysing feedback the more I do it.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Transcript #2 side jump

In my lesson for the side jump I forgot a few things. It was hard to be put on the spot with a new skill to teach a class with such a short notice. I appreciate lesson plans more now because having the lesson planned out is much easier to incorporate everything that you want to in the lesson. By getting a new skill to teach right before you have to teach it is pretty difficult especially when you don't have very much knowledge or you can't perform the skill very well. Listening to myself talk and teach a lesson makes you realize how you speak in an everyday situation. I need to stop using "ya" and "gunna" it just doesn't sound right when I hear it, but it does when it comes out of my mouth. Well I have a lot to work on and by watching and listening to myslef I feel like it makes me grow.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

transcript #1

Doing this transcript was pretty hard. It's hard to keep up with everything that I was saying and try to type it. I would like to learn a trick to doing this if there is one. During some parts of my teaching I couldn't really hear myself very well. I don't know if it was because the camera was too far away, but I know I should've spoke louder so then I could hear myself on the video.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lesson 2 soccer pass


My time coding was not as good as my first time teaching this lesson. I still didn't have any wait time but my instructions were too long. It's hard to teach a full lesson in four minutes and incorporate everything you need to do to make it a successful lesson. I need to shorten the length of my instructions and make them clearer. In my teaching lesson I was more confident than I was the first time. I actually used the teaching ideas that we learned in class. It's hard to do all of them in such a short time but the more I practice the better I will become at applying them into my teaching. I need to have a girl and a boy demonstrate the skill being taught, that was one of the things I had missing from my lesson that I noticed, it wasn't the only thing though.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time coding for first lesson

I looked over my time coding sheet and the percentages, the percentages weren't that far off from the ranges they should be. After looking over my lesson a few times and really watching for specific things I realized that my instructions were too long and I need to involve more activity time. There was a good amount of activity time but the students were getting impatient from all the standing around. I could've shortened my instructions by briefly explaining the skill, giving a few cues, and then do D.E.A.D. My teaching also needed an introduction, intratask variations, and adaptations so the students would stay interested in the activity.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lesson Intro


I liked how I addressed the class as "class" rather than guys. My voice was loud enough and I was easy to understand. I could've explained the skill clearer and easier so the students would be able to follow my instructions better. I also needed to use D.E.A.D, I only demonstrated and explained. My body language looked like I was nervous so I could use some more confidence. I didn't have an ending to my lesson. If I were to teach again I would want to explain it clearer what I am trying to teach the students. I would also like to show some confidence in what I am teaching.