Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lesson 2 soccer pass


My time coding was not as good as my first time teaching this lesson. I still didn't have any wait time but my instructions were too long. It's hard to teach a full lesson in four minutes and incorporate everything you need to do to make it a successful lesson. I need to shorten the length of my instructions and make them clearer. In my teaching lesson I was more confident than I was the first time. I actually used the teaching ideas that we learned in class. It's hard to do all of them in such a short time but the more I practice the better I will become at applying them into my teaching. I need to have a girl and a boy demonstrate the skill being taught, that was one of the things I had missing from my lesson that I noticed, it wasn't the only thing though.

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  1. Good reflection of your lesson, it is good to see you feeling more confident and using what you are learning in class. Please see jenna's blog for an example of what your posts should look like. Once you upload your documents to google docs you need to go to the share button and publish them as a webpage, and then link them within the context of your blog post, see our wikispace for directions. This lesson needs a feedback analysis form. You also need to add the follow me application to your blog