Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 hours

I recieved my ten hours through a couple programs. One program I went and observed at was the YMCA in Cortland. I went on a Friday night and the ages ranged from infants to teens. I was amazed with the facilities there, mostly the rock wall and the DDR system. I liked that the parents were there participating with their children, most places you go like that they drop their kids off and come back when it's time to pick them up. It's good family bonding time. Now everyone's always so busy they forget to spend time with the most important people in their lives. There could've been more organized activities for the kids to do because they were just running around looking for things to do.
Another part of my 10 hours was going to teach students about a program called leave no trace. The students loved the activites that we taught because it was all about the environment and camping. We taught them to be responsible in the environment and how to leave no trace while camping or just being outside. Hopefully the students got a good idea of how to dispose of garabage and act in the environment.
I also went to Lime Hollow with a group of students. At Lime Hollow we taught the students games that incorporated the way animals live and the objects found in nature. We wanted to educate the students but also play games so it was exciting. My group had to involve activities that were based on senses and guiding from other students because we had a visually impaired student in our class. To include that student in our activities we wanted to be fair so we would have half of the other students blind folded. The visually impaired student was a major learning experience for me. When she asked me what a certain flower looked like I had to sit there ant think about how to explain what it looked like because I couldn't say it's yellow and green. It was very interesting to have to explain in a different form rather than just saying the color and shape, I held it in her hand and told her to follow my hand and as I went through the flower I explained where you can find them and what they are good for. She was an amazing and very smart girl and I was so happy to have had the privilage to teach her. She even quizzed me through the whole day and I didn't even know it!