Saturday, March 27, 2010

lab c- juggling

Today's lesson went pretty well I thought. Juggling isn't something that you can have a lot of activities come out of it. I wish I had more scarves to start the class out with so I could've moved the more advanced jugglers to the yarn balls. My lesson was based off the most basic juggling skills so I felt that some of the class was losing interest but I didn't want to cover some of the stuff I know the other people that were teaching juggling were going to do. I felt that teaching the day after spring break was also a challenge. I was away all break and it was hard to get back into the teaching mode, I know I'm going to have to do that when I become a teacher. Having 12 minutes to teach was much easier to do then the four minutes we had in the beginning of the semester. I am feeling more comfortable being in front of the class and in front of the video camera. There is still more I need to work on but each time I teach is another day of practice, and practice makes perfect.

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  1. You did a very good job teaching and you definitely look more comfortable with each lesson. Since you thought some of the skills/progressions were too easy for some students and thus making it boring for them, you can use intra-task variation to challenge them and keep the students engaged! Great job. You still need to add the "follow me" feature to your blog